Commercial Hinges: How They Enhance Building Security

Published: April 17, 2024

2 minute read

When thinking about the methods for improving building security, it’s common to think about flashier, technology-driven tools such as access control systems and security alarms. But, there is an often overlooked, unsung security hero of commercial doorways – the hinges. Let’s look closer at why that is.

The moving parts of a commercial opening

A variety of mechanical parts – and electrical in some cases – create a commercial opening. When a door opens and closes, the hinges are called into action to allow the door to move. They’re made from heavy duty materials, designed to resist corrosion and offer thick gauges to endure high amounts of traffic over time.

However, hinges aren’t as simple as one would think. There are a variety of door designs and weights requiring different functioning hinges. They can be as basic as a butt hinge (the most common type, which features two wings joined by a barrel with a pin inside) to more complex options such as a continuous hinge (this spans the full height of the door) or a pivot hinge (this attaches to the top and bottom of the door allowing the unit to swing in and out).

The impact of malfunctioning commercial hinges

When hinges no longer function properly, they cause a host of issues for an opening. Most notably, malfunctioning hinges make doors difficult to open and close. They also can impact the alignment of the door and whether it closes and seals properly, negating the rest of the hardware and security tools on the opening.

This is how a previously secure opening can become a security risk. When this happens, it’s time to contact a door hardware expert to inspect your opening and make recommendations for fixing the malfunctioning hinges and any other parts of the opening that may be damaged.

Our door hardware experts can help.

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