HALO Smart Sensor Detects Vaping and Other Unsafe Activities

Published: September 19, 2022

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HALO Smart Sensor, a multifunctional health, safety and vape detection device, monitors spaces 24/7 and notifies users, such as school officials, of any dangerous activities with no delay. This device is used in more than 1,500 school districts in the United States including some schools in the greater Evansville area.

HALO does not record occupants and their activities. Rather, it is designed to recognize signs of certain activities – including vaping and smoking – and notify the proper authorities in a building.

Vape Detection in Schools

Vaping among students is a growing concern for parents, teachers and school administrators. Unfortunately, more than 2 million middle school and high school students in America smoke electronic cigarettes according to the CDC’s 2021 National Youth Tobacco Survey. The HALO Smart Sensor can recognize these harmful behaviors, even in areas where recording devices cannot be present.

HALO is equipped to detect the presence of vape smoke, vape smoke with THC (the chemical component in marijuana) and colognes and aerosols commonly used to hide the smell of vape, marijuana and cigarette smoke. HALO is the only sensor capable of distinguishing between smoke with and without THC oil. Considering vape pens come in many discreet forms (some are shaped liked USB flash drives or ink pens), HALO helps school officials identify and address the dangerous behaviors of vaping and traditional smoking.

HALO Smart Sensor is the only sensor capable of distinguishing between smoke with and without THC oil.

HALO Smart Sensor Detects Other Risks and Harmful Activities

Bullying and Violence Detection

HALO devices can detect potential instances of bullying and violence through two methods. First, these devices recognize five spoken key phrases that typically indicate someone needs help. When any of the five keywords are spoken, HALO alerts building officials of the location of a possible violent situation. Additionally, HALO’s machine learning technology measures a room’s normal sound levels and detects sounds above that threshold lasting longer than a designated length of time. HALO notifies officials of prolonged spikes in sound levels indicating a possible violent situation.

Gunshot Detection

HALO uses frequency sound patterns and percussion to identify gunshots and alert school officials of the approximate location. This technology has a range of 25 feet in all directions and is third-party certified. Seconds matter in emergencies and knowing an accurately-identified location of a gunshot can lead to better responses and save lives.

Harmful Gas and Airborne Irritant Detection

HALO is equipped to identify unacceptable levels of health and air quality indices. The device can detect the presence of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide and airborne irritants such as particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. These substances can negatively impact personal health, making it critical to identify and address the source of these harmful gases and irritants.

Device Vandalism Detection

HALO detects any vibrations related to device destruction or movement of the ceiling tile attached to the sensor. Preventing vandalism to these devices ensures school officials continue to stay aware of possible health and safety risks inside their buildings.

Manage School Buildings More Effectively with the HALO Smart Sensor

HALO Smart Sensor is a key tool for creating a safe and secure learning environment. This device comes with a wide range of notification settings, making it easy to customize who receives alerts and when those alerts are delivered. Adding HALO Smart Sensors throughout a school building helps officials monitor and respond to hazards happening in both private and public areas.

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