Avoid construction cost overruns with this surefire tactic.

Published: February 9, 2022

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Construction cost overruns wreak havoc on budgets everywhere. One area where costs commonly rise higher than budgeted is the labor to assemble and install the doors, frames and hardware. If you’re a general contractor, you’re likely nodding your head right now. Keep reading because there is good news. You can avoid construction cost overruns and stay on budget with one surefire tactic.

Pre-Dress Your Doors and Hardware

Instead of using onsite labor to assemble your doors and hardware, improve your budgetary certainty by signing up for the pre-dress process when you order your doors, frames and hardware package. Through this process, we assemble, label and package your doors and hardware in our Evansville warehouse and deliver them to your jobsite. You avoid the risk of onsite labor taking longer than anticipated to complete this work.


Of course, your assembled frames will arrive first to be installed as the walls of your project go up. At a later date of your choosing, you’ll receive your entire batch of pre-assembled doors labeled to easily identify their corresponding openings. These pre-dressed doors can be installed in the existing frames in a fraction of the time it takes to assemble and install undressed doors and hardware. Imagine how easy it would be to cart around a pallet of pre-assembled doors and install them all on the day they arrive to your jobsite. By paying an additional fee per unit, you avoid unforeseen labor cutting into your budget like a hot knife through butter.


Do More Than Avoid Construction Cost Overruns

In addition to making it easier to stay on budget, the pre-dress process offers you a few other perks too.

  • Eliminate onsite storage for locks and hardware. You receive the doors and hardware when you need them and avoid the hassle of storing these materials on site. It frees up the physical space and items you have to manage, and it cuts back on jobsite theft.
  • Reduce your risk of improper installation. You pass the risk of improperly installed door hardware to us, and we follow a rigorous inspection process to avoid improper installation like the plague.
  • Minimize damage to your doors. Since you choose the delivery date for your pre-assembled doors, you can wait until the end of the project to receive and install them. It can be tricky for floor installers and furniture movers to complete their work without nicking up a wall or door. Eliminate the possible damage to doors simply by moving the door installation work after the floor installers and furniture movers are done.


Stay on budget with the pre-dress process.

If you want more budgetary certainty when quoting and performing a job, the pre-dress process is the first step to staying on budget. When you consider all of the headaches you avoid with this process, it’s a no brainer for your next job. If you’re ready for more budgetary certainty, send us a message using the form below to learn how you can get your doors pre-dressed and discuss additional services to meet your project’s unique needs.



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