3 Ways Access It! Universal.NET makes access control easier.

Published: January 4, 2022

2 minute read

Access It! Universal.NET makes it easy to manage access control for facilities of all sizes. Whether you manage security for a building with a few occupants or multiple locations housing thousands of people across several regions, you’re in the driver’s seat with this access management software. Access It! Universal.NET allows you to select the exact features you need for right now and add on more features as your security demands evolve. Out of all the bells and whistles this software provides, we believe the following three features make it a no brainer for managing your access control system.


Control traffic better with touchless entry.

Gone are the days of ringing a bell and waiting to be buzzed in. Access It! Universal.NET allows people to use their mobile phones as their security credential to enter your facility. In fact, four out of five germaphobes recommend touchless entry*. With Access It! Universal.NET, mobile credentials can be added to and removed from someone’s phone quickly and easily. It’s a safer and more convenient way to manage access.


Capture multiple camera angles.

Access It! Universal.NET offers a multi-camera video monitoring view with all of its existing DVR integrations. This allows you to monitor your facility more effectively. You already get multiple views of the questionable calls while watching your favorite football team. Why not get the same multi-camera angles when keeping your building safe and secure?


Manage your access control all from one IP connection.

As you add more smart devices to your facility’s network, the number of IP connections skyrocket. With Access It! Universal.NET, one IP drop connects your Mercury panels to a Netlink module using the same ethernet connection and IP address. You’ll reduce your maintenance costs and streamline your ability to manage and control your power points.


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